Matthew Liam Healy

iOS developer, recovering mathematician and all around general person.

I studied mathematics at Edinburgh University, then had a brief flirtation with tax accountancy. After regaining my senses and making a swift escape, I found work as a software tester and started to teach myself programming.

I learned Ruby initially (and the basics of Rails), before moving to Objective-C, and now I write mainly in Swift. I currently work at Tesco Bank as an iOS developer.

Recently I've been getting really interested in lean startup methodologies, and their applications within larger businesses.

Also, I used to be in a band that some people liked, and now I'm in a band that fewer people like.

Another also is that I won the 2014 Lewis Edwards Memorial Prize for my short story "The Swan," so if you don't like the hazy, rambling way this page is written, then you're wrong.